Local Wine Company


Christophe Bakunas, Proprietor

Our Story

With a dream and no money we started Local Wine and Spirits the old fashioned way, begged, borrowed and stole till we could get our wings under us and in 2002 we released our first wine, Jigsaw pinot noir. With the help of a few friends we expanded our wine production to the Eastern Washington high desert. From there we went south to the volcanic soils and jagged mountains of Northern California. Then a few years later we began producing craft spirits with Tad Seestedt in the Willamette
Valley, Oregon, USA.

Our goal was simple: make fantastic wines, representative of place and vintage and make craft spirits in the ethos of 19th century American distilling.

We respect the history and the lessons we've learned about where and what to grow in order to maximize quality. We choose sites where grape varieties over-perform, consistent with soil and climate and make delicious wines. Representing in our hearts a particular place, a particular time, our wines are made by real people without the aid of computers or robots.

Our spirits are meticulously distilled in a gorgeous 300 gallon Cognac copper pot. Pot distilling leaves abundant silky texture in all of our spirits as well as robust aromatics in our gins and whiskeys. Taking a 19th century approach on how spirits were crafted in America gives us a unique position in the craft spirits world: revitalization of the golden era of spirits and cocktails. Local's spirits represent the heart of American distilling where we've rediscovered the old and made it new again. Time honored recipes and techniques never go out of fashion.